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About Pragati Divyang School

Pragati Divyang School is a Centre of service to the children with special needs. It has been established for serving children with special needs under the aegis of Pragati Rehabilitation Society.

Pragati Divyang School is fully equipped with the school session , providing special education , therapies , multiple skill training to all kind of children with behaviour problems & multiple disability like autism , MR , cerebral palsy , ADHD , slow learners , Down syndrome , etc. our motto is “ being together for growing together” without any distraction of religion , caste and colour.

Our Services

  • Special Education

    We focus on educational programme ,brain change , emotional awakening and outcomes for the student with intellectual , physical , hearing , speech- language impairment , autism spectrum disorder or multiple impairments.

  • Early Intervention

    Early intervention is a educational support service that helps to equip young children with special needs, with functional skills e.g. fine /gross motor, cognitive, communication, social and self-help skills for learning and living.

  • Speech Therapy

    It may include physical exercise to strengthen the muscles use in speech (oral –motor work) speech drills to improve clarity, or sound, or loudness and production practice to improve articulations and language parameters.

  • Occupational/Physio Therapy

    We entertains children of all age groups with impairments such as: CP, Down’s syndrome, Autism & ADHD etc. Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy to children is provided by skilled therapists.

  • Vocational Training

    We assist Students to discover interests and to develop the skills necessary for employment in the community. In our school each individual has the opportunity to experience a variety of vocational opportunities.

  • Assessment & counselling

    Every child undergoes through assessment process where their challenges, abilities, capabilities, skills listed out. On basis of which their teaching plan and enhancement programme gets designed.