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Special Education

Pragati Divyang School focus on educational programme ,brain change , emotional awakening and outcomes for the student with intellectual , physical , hearing , speech- language impairment , autism spectrum disorder or multiple impairments.

  • Our school provide a climate that is a psychologically inclusive space where all students better understand one another and feel safe. We deals with all age level student.
  • First we assess the child 2 to 3 weeks and focus on functional, educational and ADL depend upon case and severity. Then we will plan the activities for the child according to the age group.
  • We make individual educational plan for the child according to the case and severity. LEP plan is for 3 or 4 months, in which we take the goals which we want to teach the child. We use different teaching techniques like if the child is educable we work on the academic part and vice versa.
  • We help the children to differentiate and generalize the things through educational aids like real objects, flash cards, storytelling activities etc.
  • We provide environment for art and craft activities and nourish the skills of children.
  • After achieving the goals we prepare the achievements reports and conduct parent teacher meeting and discuss about the further plan.
  • A highly qualified special education teacher with an advanced degree, help children to face and overcome challenges.
  • We conduct workshops and we do counselling on regular basis, we always try to be in touch with parents and care givers.