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Pragati Divyang School Vocational programs for Students assist them to discover interests and to develop the skills necessary for employment in the community. Each individual has the opportunity to experience a variety of vocational opportunities. Once preferences are identified, intensive training is provided to assist Students in acquiring the vocational and social skills essential to employment success.

Vocational training should provide students with a curriculum that prepares them for the job that they intend to enter. Broad-based knowledge and skills are good, but for some students with disabilities, specific skills are necessary for survival in the workplace and in the community and need to be explicitly taught.

In addition to offering educational services to students with differing abilities, Pragati Divyang School s provide vocational training for students.

    When developing customized vocational service for students with special needs, Pragati Divyang School s focuses on:

  • Individual needs and abilities.
  • Independent living skill development.
  • Personal interests and goals.

Pragati Divyang School helps students prepare for independence in both their personal and work lives by providing vocational programs. The School provides students with opportunities to work and gain. These opportunities expand student’s experiences and provide the business community with positive experiences working with skilled, special needs students.